Dr. Dat Nguyen and his staff including the office/front desk, hygienist and dental assistants are the most professional, caring, committed group I’ve ever experienced.They are always friendly and welcoming no matter how busy they are.Dr. Nguyen always prioritizes educating the patient and patient’s parents of the source of the dental issues vs simply stating, “ok, there’s a cavity, let’s fill it.” He will explain why the cavity probably formed whether it’s improper brushing, too much acidic foods, or gum tissue covering a back molar.

I appreciate that and so does my entire family. My teenage daughter feels that her teeth cleanings here are so pain free and thorough because of their high tech equipment and Dr’s priority to patient comfort.

His laser fillings and procedures are worlds better than traditional drilling.

Dr. Nguyen also offers laser lip enhancement that uses your own natural collagen to make your lips fuller and firmer. This is something I need to do for myself.

Merlino F.